Sunday, April 26, 2009

April Showers...'s spring time again! I love this time of year. Ok, I love any time of year where the sun's out and it's over 69 degrees. But this time of year is so pretty and the flowers are blooming. My life has calmed down slightly and gotten back to my level of normalcy, i.e. slightly less craziness than previously, but way more craziness than your normal, average joe...or jane. I really don't know what happened to April. I remember starting with General Conference which was so good. I want to get the Ensign and read the talks again. And I remember ending with Stake Conference this past weekend, which was also really good. The whole middle part is a little fuzzy. Lots of parties.

We threw Jason Klomp a surprise birthday party for his 25th. His bday was on the 15th, so we were planning on having it on the 18th, however, before we could get the word out to key people, another pair of planners sent out an invite for someone else's birthday on that same day....sooooo, seeing as Jason's was a surprise and this other person's wasn't, we changed our day to the following Friday. The ruse was he was my "date" for a work party and was supposed to meet me at my place at 7:30pm.

The day of, Jason was running late, which was fine, because we needed more time for people to get there. :) But he called me to tell me he was running late, and he wanted to know if it would be better just to meet me at the place we were having the work dinner. I, of course, insisted that he just come on down to my place. Here's the conversation as I remember it:

Jason: So where is this place, cuz if it's north of you, I can just meet you there.

Jenean: No, that's ok, it's like south of here, just come on down here, it's not that big of a deal.

Jason: Well, I can just shoot down 85 and still probably be fine.

Jenean: (Thinking quickly and fudging somewhat) No, just come on, it's fine. (GULP!!!)

Jason: Is it something that you can show up late to and be fine, or will everyone be staring if we walk in late?

Jenean: It'll be fine if we're late, besides, you know me, I love for everyone to be staring at me, especially if I have a cute guy on my arm. (Flippancy is what I was going for to throw him off the scent!) ;)

Jason: *Laughs* Thanks for the compliment. When does this start?

Jenean: Oh, around 8-8:30. (Why is he all of a sudden playing 20 questions?)

Jason: Ok, I'll be there then.

Jenean: (Whew, I think he bought it) Sounds good, just call me when you get close.

Jason: Alright, will do.

Yeah, he doesn't call. We're all finishing up stuff for the party, cutting up fruit, I'm finishing up the cake and about 8pm (about the time Jason should have been there), there's a knock on the door. Everyone sorta freezes, then they all jump into the living room area, and I walk to the door. Of course I can't look through the peep hole because it's too high up, I should have had one of the guys look for me, but I wasn't thinking quick enough. I still have my apron on, and I start to open the door really slowly and realize it, so I take it off at the same time. It's Jason at the door, and I start to make small talk. Jason told me later that he was noticing that I had the apron on, and he was thinking, "Why is she cooking? We're late, we have to go!" I open the door wider, without thinking that there are balloons and birthday decorations right inside where he can see, Jason's thinking, "Someone's having a party, but we have to go!" All of a sudden I realize about the decorations and as he comes inside, I yell "SURPRISE!" And everyone else jumps out and yells surprise too. It took a second for him to process, but then he gets it and I confess that there is no work dinner tonight. Project "Jason's Surprise Birthday Party" was a success. :D