Monday, June 11, 2012

Changes, changes, and more changes.....

So much has happened since I posted last?  First, I finished my course work for my master's degree, now I just have to finish my internship and take the ACSM HFS exam to officially call myself "Master Higginbotham!" Speaking of internships, I started applying last November, but true to form, took until the very last minute to get all the paperwork in.  My first pick was City of Boulder in yep, that's right, COLORADO! What the heck was I thinking moving away from Georgia??? But you know what, it was exactly what I want to do career wise so I went for it.  And the more I prayed and pondered over it, the more I knew it was right, though for a while I did let it go thinking I wouldn't do it, but it came up again and so I thought I might as well give it a shot.  But then I had to wait for things to be approved from GSU attorneys, and that could take a while, so my advisor told me to find a back-up plan.  Which of course I procrastinated, but did find something, which didn't work, so he told me to find something else, so I did, finally, the day of my birthday.  Five days before the start of the semester.  So the next day I figured it wasn't going to happen with Colorado, so I started putting things in motion to stay in GA and making plans past the 20th (the day I had originally planned to leave), and just as I was texting my landlord to tell her looks like I was staying through the summer at least, I get an email from my advisor saying CO's a GO!! I was in my parent's garage with my mom and her sister, helping my folks pack to move, and I yell, "I'M GOING TO COLORADO!!"

So yeah, 2 1/2 weeks later I was on my way with my friend who had quit her job rather spontaneously (it was the right thing to do for her), so she had the week to drive out with me and hang out for a few days.  It's been crazy! I didn't have a place to live, and found a place in 2 days (couldn't move in for a week though), but thankfully we had some friends that lived only 20-30 minutes away from my internship site, so we crashed in their basement til I could move into my place. 

It's been one tender mercy after another getting me here. I love Georgia, with all my heart and soul.  My family's there, excepting AnnaLea, almost all my babies are there, whom I miss more than I can tell!  So very many of my friends are there, and I know almost no one here.  I have the friends about 20 minutes away, but they have two little girls, my cousin lives in CO Springs, but that's 2 hours away, and I went to the YSA ward my first Sunday here, but they were at the oldest, 23, maybe 24, and I've turned 31 so I don't feel like I belong there anymore, so I've been to the family ward the past couple weeks and love going, but still haven't met anyone there really that I click with and can be friends with.  It has made me realize that when I do get to be a little more established, whether it's here or somewhere else, I need to look out for people in similar situations to me, cuz I'm sure those people in the family ward don't realize how very alone I am right now, being single and not knowing a soul, really, in the area.  And Sunday's after church are hard, we're done at 2, so I get to go home and do nothing till bedtime.  Yesterday was good though because I walked around the river area and talked to my bro, an old roomie, my mom, and my gma, which was really nice.

I'm loving my internship, it's exactly what I want to do, and I've got a great supervisor that's giving me contacts for jobs after this, so hopefully one of them will pan out, because I feel like I need to stay here for a year or two.  Which tears me apart, I'm excited for the adventure and what will unfold as I go along, but I'm so far from family and friends right now and that's hard.

I need a part-time job too, because this internship is not paid, and I have no idea where I'll be in 7 weeks (or less if I finish my hours before then), and I hope I can find a job that uses my degree and skills.  But you know what? I'm not worried, I should be, I always worry about things that I don't know the answer to that are big like this, but I have had an answer to my prayers, and I know this is where I need to be and the Lord will take care of me, I just need to trust in him.... do all I can do for sure, but it'll be ok.  And that's hard because I'm not one to just jump blindly into a situation as big as this, but when the Lord says too, you don't argue! :)