Sunday, May 11, 2014

I've decided to shorten my name....

By two letters.  I'm engaged! To the most fantastic and wonderful man I could imagine meeting, let alone spending eternity with. :) Lots of people have been asking for the proposal story, so here it is.

Proposal Story:
Kevin had told me he wanted to take me on a private plane ride for my birthday. His company owns planes and will let his employees take them up for the cost of the pilot and gas, but when the owner of his company found out what he was planning, he covered the cost of everything for us.  About two weeks before my birthday, Kevin asked me for my schedule so he could plan the best time for the plane ride.  On Monday, April 21st, he texted me and asked if I could be available Friday between 5:30-7:30pm as he had a surprise planned for me and that was the only day he could do it. He would text me the address and it was 30 minutes away from my place so I’d need to leave my place at 5pm.  I was flying to Utah for work Tuesday and getting back around 1am on Thursday, making my best friend’s daughter’s birthday cake on Friday and had the Warrior Dash and her birthday party on Saturday, so I was slightly busy to say the least, but as I had done the cake before, I didn’t think it would be a problem, and told him I should be able to make it work. 
Thursday came and my flight was delayed almost an hour, getting me into Kansas City around 2am.  I was in the airport waiting for my flight when my roommate called me to tell me our gas was turned off at the house.  I called the gas company and took care of the issue and scheduled to have a technician come out the next morning between 8am-12pm.  I wasn’t worried, as I’d still have time to get everything done, even if they didn’t get there until noon.  The next day, the technician got called on an emergency gas call around 10am as he was on the way to our place and was still not done by 1:30pm.  At this point I was stressed and frustrated and wasn’t sure how I was going to get everything done and then Kevin texts me to ask if I can meet at his place at 5:10pm instead, which meant I’d have to leave by 4:30pm to get there and I couldn’t shower as we didn’t have hot water until the gas was turned back on.  I texted him back telling him everything that had been going on and we decided I’d drive down and get his key from him at work so I could shower and bake the cake at his place, then I’d decorate it after the surprise.  I had everything ready to go at this point.  I got to his work and everyone knew what was going on, but as I was a hot mess, I didn’t notice if they were acting out of the ordinary or not, and I headed over to his place and get ready and bake the cake, still in ignorance of the events planned for the evening.
He picked me up about 5:10pm from his place and after about 20 minutes of driving we pulled into the New Century Airport and I smiled, because I realized it was the plane ride he had told me he was going to do (I had suspected that was the surprise).  We got to the plane and the pilot asked where we wanted him to fly us, downtown or elsewhere.  Kevin asked him if he knew where the LDS Temple was near Liberty and if he would be willing to fly there (it’s through commercial airspace and not all private pilots like to fly through commercial airspace because of the turbulence).  This pilot was excellent and quickly agreed and we loaded into the plane.
It was the prettiest day and perfect weather.  We couldn’t have asked for better.  We took off and flew over downtown and the plaza and I was like a little kid looking out the window and taking pictures.  The pilot had isolated our headphones so we could talk between ourselves (he knew what the plan was too), and he’d get on when he needed to tell us something.  After a few minutes past downtown, he told us the “church” was on our right. It was actually already behind us so he circled around it again and I was leaning against the window taking pictures of it, it was such a beautiful sight, and when I turned around after we’d passed over a great shot of it, Kevin is sitting there holding an open ring box with a huge grin on his face.  It took me a second to realize what was in his hand and I visibly jumped with surprise and shock, dropping my jaw and eyes wide open, while I gasp.  He laughs and said, “I couldn’t think of a more perfect time than up in the air over the temple.  Will you marry me?” And I replied, “You know I will!”