Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Confusion, Indecisiveness, and General Blech

You know those days or weeks when nothing's really wrong, but you just feel blech? Yeah, today's one of those days.  It seems this week has been full of little things that aren't that big of a deal, but they all together they seem multiply and increase this icky feeling.  I find I usually have those days (or weeks, depending) after something that had a big build-up and then there's nothing after, so you drop from the adrenalin rush you were having.  And since last weekend was the YSA Conference that I helped plan and execute, this week definitely fits into this category.  But I'll get over it soon enough.  I have my last softball game tonight (hopefully no bats to the head, oh yeah, I didn't write about that, well, that'll be a quick post for another day, and I have pics), then a massage appointment after.  I haven't made it up to Alan and Crystal's new house at all this week, not because I couldn't, but because I had plans that ended up falling through, which also adds to the blech feeling.  But they move in on Saturday, and that'll be good for them, I'm excited for them.

Classes start next week and I'm at an indecisive area.  I'm not sure if I want to keep on with my emphasis or not.  I've completely been procrastinating my thesis and I'm kinda debating on whether I should stop at the Master's, and if I could be sure I could get a teaching position at a junior college, I'd be more than fine with that.  Or I was also thinking I might could switch to the Fitness and Health Promotion, do an internship instead of a thesis, and work in an area that promotes health and fitness outside of being a personal trainer.  I would be more than fine working in a gym, but I know I'm not cut out to be a trainer, at least that not being the only thing I do.  I like management positions and teaching/discussion as part of it too (yes, I'm bossy!) and I am passionate about health and fitness.   So yeah, I've been debating about it.  But the only thing is, if I switch to the Fitness and Health Promotion emphasis, I'm not sure I'll be able to go on and get a PhD if I ever decide to.  Which right now I'd be ok with, but if I end up changing my mind down the road, I won't be.  Anyway, sorry this is a downer post, but I'll add a more upbeat one soon....if I remember to write! ;-)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Let the craziness ensue....well, more so than usual at least!

So this week has been slightly crazy.  First my one roommates fam was staying with us through Wednesday, which they were great, but we double the occupancy of our 3-bedroom apartment, suddenly there's people everywhere and all sharing the hall bathroom.  Slight chaos, but really not that big of a deal.  But let's back-up a little bit, shall we? This past weekend a group of us went camping at Tallulah Gorge... so much fun!! We hiked around, some of us did the stairs, some of the smart ones didn't.  One of the girls got sick from the heat and climbing all those stairs (there's over 1000 steps), and that was quite exciting, but luckily she wasn't too overheated and was fine with a little A/C and water at the Interpretive Center (essentially it's the ranger station and gift shop for those of you who've never been).  And no, we didn't get lost this time! :)We got back and that's when the craziness ensued. 

This weekend is the Multi-Regional YSA Conference with Elder Ballard speaking tomorrow night to a combined fireside for YSA and SA (and mid-singles, they like to differentiate themselves), and I'm the Roswell Stake YSA Rep and the only person that I can tell that's been posting info about the conference on FB.  So my FB is blowing up, my phone is exploding with all these questions about the conference, which would be fine if I knew more than the people asking me....which I really don't.  The conference itself is planned out, I hope! But I'm not sure how the housing situation's gonna play out, they're supposed to organize it tonight at the dance, and there are around 200 people who said they needed housing, so I pray that they have enough accomodations for everyone.  Then the other thing is the activity after the fireside.  The fireside starts at 5pm, which means we'll have the whole evening afterwards for people to enjoy.  We're doing dinner, which should be fine, but some of us were pushing for an organized activity instead of a dance, well, they're encouraging small group discussions of the fireside, which is great, but it'll only last through dinner, I'm betting.  So I'm pulling Janessa in to help me with games and possibly Mike to send a dj down last minute and start another dance if need be.  So yeah, I hope this doesn't end on a lame note, but next year we're totally revamping the whole system, so that should be good.

But to get back to the rest of my week.  Last Friday Alan and Crystal bought a house, then Tuesday she flew out to Oregon with Hailey for her dad's wedding this weekend (funny how everything happens at once! But the house needs cleaning and painting before they can move in, which is next weekend when she gets back (she can't do much at the house anway, she's 6 months preggers).  So Monday I worked at dad's office, then a softball game, then FHE.  Tuesday was the temple, then shopping for decor for the dance, then Institute, then bball.  Wedneday I was over at the bro's house cleaning and prepping for the paint.  Then went to help a guy pick up a bookcase he'd bought that didn't fit in his small sedan, but would in my big 'ol Explorer. :)  Wednesday night a guy in the ward was taking out his endowments, so I was back at the temple, and we went to Yogli afterwards for dessert.  Thursday dad needed a bunch of courier service done from Sandy Springs to Buford, and I was going to go back to Alan's and work more after I was done, but the A/C went out in the apartment Wednesday night, so the only time they could make it Thursday was between 12-2 or it would be today. I don't really get too hot in general and I was dying Wednesday night, so I came back to the condo so someone would be here when they came.  That being done, I headed back up to Alan's and cleaned more and taped up a couple rooms to get them ready to paint today.  And today I'm going to my gma's to help her with some stuff around the house and meeting another girl at 4ish to finish decor for the dance and get there around 7 to set up.  Then I'll be down in Jonesboro till late tomorrow night.  And I'm not done yet.... Sunday will be church, but there are a bunch of guys coming up from Ft. Rucker to go to the conference and temple and were asking about Linger Longer on Sunday, got me thinking we should do a potluck for any of those who we meet at the conference who are staying through Sunday evening, so I started organizing that.  Then I get an email saying there's a Stake Leadership training meeting with Elder Ballard Sunday evening at 6:30pm (it'll be broadcast, he won't physically be there).  Our church ends at 4:30.  So I can't host this potluck anymore, so we end up switching it to another girl's house so those of us who need to be at the meeting can just leave.

Whew...I feel tired! :)  But I am excited for this weekend, I think it'll be good overall, and yeah, there might be hiccups, but c'est la vie!