Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm an Aunt!!! Finally!!!

Ok, this is only 2 weeks late!! I'm finally an aunt!! Alan & Crystal had a beautiful baby girl on Jan 9th at 11:20pm. 6lbs even, 18 1/2 inches. They named her Hailey Marie. Isn't that pretty?? And...she's a redhead!! :) They sent me a pic text at 6am, my time, on Sat morning. It's probably a good thing they live in Idaho because Sat was also the day of Ash W/T's ring ceremony and reception (they had the temple ceremony on Friday), which wouldn't have been a big deal, except I was a bridesmaid and NEEDED to be there. So, I wasn't torn on whether to go see my new niece or fulfill my bridesmaid duties. Good thing too, cuz I would have gone to see my niece! Alan, Crystal, and baby Hailey are doing well, thank goodness, besides lack of sleep of course!

And of course I have to say that Ashley's wedding/reception was beautiful. She was beautiful and happy, I was so happy for her! Life's so good sometimes, and that weekend was great!

Isn't she so beautiful?? (P.S. Heather Smith was the photographer, isn't she just amazing?)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Official Intro to Blog World

So yes....I have finally entered the world of blogging. Though knowing me, it will probably be very sporadic and random when I do post. So do not plan on following this for an update. :)

The biggest news I have is I'm going to be an aunt in a week (or maybe even less!!). My niece (Alan and Crystal's daughter) is due to be born on Jan. 15. They have yet to decide on a name, though they have a couple of options, they won't have a definite until she's born. Sad news is that they are living in Idaho. :( So I won't see her until the first weekend of March when I go out there for her baby blessing (pray for good ticket prices!). I am way excited to see this little darling. I'm just bummed that she'll be in Idaho for the first 6 months of her life (as it stands now, Alan and Crystal are moving to ATL after her contract ends in June).

The next big news is this weekend is one of my very good friends weddings!! (There's even more story behind that, but maybe for another time. I am extremely excited for them!! If you've ever met Ashley W, you know how amazing and wonderful she is and how she's definitely one of the most deserving people ever of the greatest happiness possible. And if Jacob (her fiance) doesn't make her that happy, he definitely does his very best! I love them, they are great!! This will also mark the 3rd out of 4 weddings that have been in process since July among the Atlanta division of my close group of friends. Ash G will finish up the process at the end of March with the last of these whirlwind weddings. It's kinda crazy how 4 of the 5 original people in our little group here all will be married within less than a year of each other. And all 4 of them have married (or will marry) such amazing people that have become friends with us all, it's awesome. I definitely recognize that I'm lucky to have such good friends and that they marry such great people that we still stay as close as ever after they get into these relationships, it doesn't always happen this way.

Alright kids, stay out of trouble and don't do anything I't do! :)