Saturday, June 1, 2013


A little over a year ago I left Georgia with no more knowledge of where I'd be than a few months into the future.  Twelve months and four states later, I have a little more stability in my life....maybe! :)  It's been a definite adventure the whole way, with a stint of homeless and joblessness, doing things I said I'd never do (buy a Chevy, move to Utah, and move for a guy!), some of which worked out and some of which gave me a chance to learn some lessons about me and life.  Now I'm "settling" in Kansas City (which is sits on the border of Kansas ans Missouri, fyi) for my first salaried position post-grad school. 

I'm working for a company called Health Fitness as a Biometric Screenings Event Manager.  I get to travel all around the city and some around the states.  I do enjoy it a lot and I feel right at home with the company.  It's not a set schedule, which I really enjoy, but of course that makes it difficult to plan too far in advance, but it's doable.  And the big pro about moving out here is that my bff from BYU, Chesnye, lives here too! And my cousins Alan and Brandy Cotton, moved here last summer.  What eles can a girl ask for? Other than to have the two most adorable niece and nephew closer?

The excitement of moving out here is that I got to move from both sides of the country! I had left all my furniture in Georgia, but of course had my car and the stuff I brought out with me from Utah.  So the last weekend of April I flew out to Georgia, rented a Budget moving truck and loaded up everything from Grandma's basement, dad's shop and my old apartment.  Mom was great enough to drive out with me, we left Monday and made it in fifteen hours.  Driving the truck was fun because it didn't have cruise control and didn't coast, so my lead right foot was tired and sore after that day! Then I worked for a couple days and then flew back to Utah and loaded my car, cleaned my apartment and left Saturday night, stayed with AnnaLea and headed out early Sunday for the final trek!  That drive took about 16 hours, and after driving the truck the previous week, I was really tired!! But I made it and emptied out the car and the next week I was back in Utah working again!

But I've been moved in for about a month now and am almost organized and now just have to get my car tag and license switched over to Kansas! It does make me sad to lose my beautiful GA tags and license, but c'est la vie! One day I'll go back, I'm sure!

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  1. If you can find me a nice license plate "frame" to replace mine that is so faded you can't even read it anymore, that would be awesome! It says "Dorothy, I don't think we're in KS anymore!"

    I drove from UT to AZ several times in my car with no cruise control, and man, my calf would be cramping so bad by the end of the drive that I can still feel your pain!

    Congrats on the real job. You're all grown up! (Sniff, sniff)